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Exploring STEM Through Sensory Play with Tom Bedard | JINDERA NSW

  • Greater HUme Children's Services | JINDERA NSW 81 - 83 Urana Street Jindera, NSW, 2642 Australia (map)

Positive STEM experiences for the noisy and adventurous: Creating invitations to explore STEM through boisterous and adventurous play (3-hour Workshop)

 Children use their bodies as thinking tools to explore and make sense of the world.However, we often ask them to disconnect from their bodies by asking them to sit still or keep their hands to themselves.Providing space for physical and adventurous play provides all children with opportunities for positive STEM learning experiences.

Cost:     $65 incl. GST (incl light refreshments)

Info & Bookings: Contact Fiona at Greater Hume Children’s Services    


                             Ph: 0417 287 417

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