We have developed a series of incursions for Early Childhood Services to support the implementation of the STEM Detectives approach and bring STEM Thinking to life for Primary School Students and OOSH groups. These sessions are a great way for educators to see STEM in action, and spark an interest in STEM both for children and educators. These sessions are adaptable to a range of ages.

STEM Detectives @ work

By popular demand - a STEM mentoring incursion for you and your children!

This professional learning opportunity has been designed to support educators after having attended one of our STEM Detectives Professional Development Session. Offered as a half or full day, one of our facilitators will join your group and model the STEM Detectives approach. We will bring simple but inspiring STEM experiences for the children to explore and model STEM language to promote Scientific thinking.

Incursions for Out of School Hours Programs (5 – 12 year olds; mixed age groups) as well as Primary Schools. Sessions include:

Think like a Scientist

Explore the world of science - wonder, question and experiment. Explore the scientific process and what scientists do for our world and communities. What discoveries will you make?

Think like an Engineer

Explore the world of engineering and design solutions to solve problems. Explore the design process and how engineers help us. Design, build, problem solve and think like an engineer.

Think like an Inventor

Explore a world of ideas, imagination and innovation. What do you do with an idea? How do you overcome or solve a problem? Step into our Imagination Lab think like an inventor and create something amazing. The world needs creative problem solvers who can bring ideas to life!

Think like an Entrepreneur (best suited to 8-12 year olds)

Explore the world of opportunity your passions and interests can provide. Start a business and bring your ideas to life. Design, develop, research, prototype, market, budget and pitch your ideas. Identify your strengths, collaborate with partners, even raise some money for your school or a charity!

If you would like to experience these immersive learning experiences, designed to encourage and support STEM thinking skills for both children and educators contact us on

Sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Duration of the sessions are adaptable based on the age of the group. Supporting resources are provided to encourage educators to further extend the incursion experience and scaffold learning through play and inquiry-based learning.