Exploring STEM Through Sensory Play with Tom Bedard | Eaton WA

Exploring STEM Through Sensory Play with Tom Bedard | Eaton WA


Dialogue with Water - Bringing scientific inquiry alive at the water table

Saturday 28 September 2019

Time: 10am - 12noon

Venue: Online Child Care Centre

Address: 5 Millard St


Through non-scripted play with water, children author their own scientific experiments.  Videos, photos and anecdotes, show how capable the children are of complex scientific inquiry as they explore easy-to-build constructions that invite new and intriguing types of play.  

 Given the time, space and materials, they pose their own questions for investigations, try out their own solutions, reflect on the results, and work with others in socially competent ways.

These scientific experiments can be adapted or further explored outdoors, and consideration is given to sustainable practice in using our precious water supply.

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Tom Bedard, M.Ed., Early Childhood Education and, in 2009, was the first early childhood teacher to be named finalist for Minnesota Teacher of the Year Program.   Before retiring from the classroom in 2016, he worked in the field of early childhood education for 38 years. During that time, he taught thousands of children in all age groups from infants to preschoolers representing diverse backgrounds and abilities.  


His specialty has been to promote and analyze exploration of sensory play to better understand children’s curiosity and competence in all areas of development.  Through international, national, regional, and local presentations and through blogging on sand a water tables, he has created a platform for parents and practitioners from all over the world to reflect on children as learners and inspire them to imagine new possibilities for dynamic play and learning at the sensory table.


Educators looking for ways to expand and enrich play and learning with easy-to-make, low-cost materials or anyone who appreciates children's messy play will love this session.